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Visiting Romagna Coast? Try it with hotel coupons…

Italian version

Last year, during our visit to San Marino, we spent an afternoon at the sea in Rimini.
I admit that it was my first time in Rimini and since we weren’t that far I asked Roberto to bring me there.

I always had the desire to spend a holiday on the Romagna Coast and it has always appeared as the ideal destination for the beaches and the hotels.
When I was younger I often heard about descriptions of friends returning from their summer vacation, about attractions and water parks whose advertising is often shown on television and about nightlife and discos very well known all around Italy.

This year we have not yet chosen the destination for our summer vacation but I must admit that spending a week in Rimini or nearby during summer attracts us a lot.
It draws us even more knowing that Info Alberghi offers a variety of coupons to download and use in the major hotels on the Romagna Coast.

Then in addition of seeing the beautiful and huge beaches of the Coast, we will be able to enjoy the legendary hospitality of the hotels and the fantastic local cuisine!

We are passionate about coupons and we are already accustomed to use them in our travels Usaontheroad.
We are very pleased to realize that this philosophy [if I can call it like this] is beginning to gain a foothold on this side of the ocean!
In US coupons for Hotels are very well known and very much used…finally we got them in Italy too!

How to use them it is easier than you think, and there’s no trick because when you download coupons you do not pay anything.
You will pay at the hotel directly and the discount coupon will be deducted from the cost of your holiday.
If you will not use the coupon, you will not lose anything, because you have not paid them in advance. Simple, isn’t it?

So why waiting… let’s choose one of the 780 hotels in Romagna Coast and see you there in July!! 😉

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