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The Taj-Mahal: symbol of eternal love

The trip I took from Dheli to Agra was revealing several aspects of the real India. Unfortunately, not all so beautiful and picturesque as anyone could imagine thinking about the charm and the mistery of India. 

Before arriving to Agra I stopped to meet the guide at Sikandra, the mausoleum of one of the Mughal emperors.
After the visit to this wonderful
building I arrived at the hotel
and I started a grueling battle with mosquitoes … Tons of coils, electric mosquito killers and spray!

After a light lunch at the hotel, with a chicken salad, I left for The Monument of Agra: the Taj Mahal.
This temple, fully built in white marble with a lot of carved stones is the symbol of eternal love.
It was built in 1632 by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his favorite wife Arjumand Banu Begum who died in childbirth.
emperor, despite of this highly romantic gesture, had a sad life, especially in old age, when dethroned by his son, was imprisoned in the fort of Agra from where he could gaze at the Taj Mahal till the end of his days.
The gardens in front of the temple are wonderful and well-kept. Gushing fountains, flowers and grass shaven to perfection are the result of the work of hundreds of gardeners who are still working with hand-held equipment.

To climb the marble staircase you need to wear the plastic overshoes in order to avoid ruining the stone immaculate or go barefoot.
The interior is shaded and cool. At the center of the room two sarcophagi, one of the emperor and one of his wife, attract the attention of visitors while outside children run under the sun in the blinding glare of the marble.
A visit here is truly magical, exciting and touching especially thinking about the meaning that this building [also located away from the major Indian cities] has always represented.

It’s obvious that, being the symbol of everlasting love, thousands of married couples in India go there to visit it and take a picture in front of it. That’s why you will find lots of crowds and hawkers of postcards and souvenirs.
In my opinion, the best moment to visit it is at the sunset. Heat is no longer disturbing and the colors of the sunset are creating a very romantic atmosphere.


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