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Tasting Valtellina

I often find myself daydreaming and making a list of upcoming trips … and the wish list gets longer.

A while ago I was reading an article on the Bernina Express, a train that leaves Italy, comes through the Bernina Pass, and goes up in Switzerland between the Alps arriving in St. Moritz.
This trip, which traces the paths that were once beaten by merchants and pilgrims, particularly fascinates me, so much so that it is on the wish list since a while.

While reading on this trip, my eye fell on the typical products of the Valtellina: buckwheat, bresaola, Bitto and many other cheeses.
Thinking about what to prepare for lunch, I had half a mind to cook the pizzoccheri, but at the last moment the decision shifted instead on the Bresaola buckwheat ravioli.

The recipe is after all quite simple; the most elaborate part might be the dough and the filling of the ravioli.

In case you’re inspired, I suggest the recipe here below

For the dough you need:

200 grams of white flour
100 gr of buckwheat flour
1 egg
10 g salt
1 tablespoon olive oil
75 grams of water

For the filling you need:

220 grams of bresaola
300 gr of Ricotta


Mix all the ingredients for the dough, and when you’ve got a rather elastic dough, wrap it in plastic wrap and set aside to rest.

Meanwhile, prepare the filling by chopping bresaola not too thin [it is not bad to feel some pieces in the filling when eating the ravioli] and then add the ricotta and mix well.

Prepare strips of dough of about 2 mm thick and 12 cm wide. Distribute small spoons of filling at a distance of a few cm from each other and fold the dough on itself.

Tightly close by pressing with your fingers around the dough and then cut the ravioli in square shape [if you have the zig zag cutter will be nicer, otherwise you can use a pizza cutter].

Let the ravioli dry for half an hour and then they are ready to be cooked! I cooked them for about 8 minutes in salted water.

And then I’ve served them with a simple sage and butter sauce and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese.


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