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Expo2015 to Switzerland: Slow Train Eperience

Viaggi e Delizie has been invited to the Slow
Train for Expo
launch trip, a project strived and supported by Province of Sondrio and Valposchiavo Region, Cultural Distrect of Valtellina, Italian Pavillon in Expo 2015, Grigioni Canton and other local public authority.
[…] A unique journey through culture, nature, food and wine which will
take you from the World Expo 2015 straight to the heart of the Alps,
across the Swiss-Italian border […]. 
As the invitation said, the antique slow train isn’t unnoticed in a very crowdy  Rho Fiera train station . 

The three
carriages are entirely used as restaurant area and all the passengers are sitting
around tables properly set.

The “mise en place” is cared by Sondrio’s Artigianato Artistico di Confartigianato Imprese, a local artisan group.

atmosphere is great occasions’ one but after the
first toast with a glass of brut rosè and after being invited to socialize by the train crew, we are well mingeling and chatting with other participants.

restaurant service is carried by the students of the center of Valtellina’s
vocational training, dressed in traditional costumes.
Even the
plates served are noteworthy! Starters amuse buche (fillet of
Valposchiavo beef) cooked by Gianni Tarabini and Capuns of Grisons tradition with cheese fondue bio cooked by Marco Valli are presented on hand made serpentino plates made by the historical Val
Malenco Company Nuova Serpentino d’Italia with local stones.
To make this launch trip even more special,  Enrico Derflingher is with us; he is the Chef known throughout the world for being the first Italian chef of Queen
Elisabeth and of the U.S. President George Bush Senior, nominated four times
among the ten best chefs in the world.
Derflingher’s “risotto Royal Baby” with Lario’s bottarga of lavarello fish paired with the Valtellina Superiore La Gatta DOCG 2011 wine can only leave everyone completely
While through the train windows the scenery of Lake of Como runs outside, we continue with the second service made by Chef Michele Pedrazzini: a very good pork rib with polenta, paired with another Valtellina’s wine
Sassella Vigna 298.
As a dessert we had flourish two typical cakes:
biscutin de prost” and “orto nel latte” with fruits and vegetables made by
Gianni Tarabini Chef at Ristorante La Presef – La Fiorida of Mantello (SO) and
by Martina Riva, paired with the “Sfursat”, the wine symbol of Valtellina region. A
curiosity: each plate was different from the other!!
The slow train trip would have continued to Tirano but unfortunately, shortly after Morbegno, it stopped probably due to a fault on the rail network.  

Replacement bus provided by the organization
did not allow us to enjoy the beautiful landscapes and the Valtellina terraced
vineyards. Also the atmosphere was not the same that would have been on the
train, but we reached safe and sound the next stop.
Due to the delay, unfortunately, the foreseen
visit of Tirano and its most significant monuments has been reduced to a short
stop at Foppoli’s palace and at the Exhibition organized by Artigianato Artistico
della Provincia di Sondrio-Confartigianato Sondrio. Although this problem has not affected the
outcome of the day, we think it’s helpful to highlight the precarious link between
Milan and Valtellina with only one single highway and one single railway track.

Unforeseen soon forgotten, we boarded on the Bernina Red Train, Unesco World Heritage since 2008, that we had the pleasure
to experience a couple of years ago in a travel between the enchanted
snow-covered landscapes to St. Moritz and we felt like repeating.

Leaving Tirano city, the landscapes of Val Poschiavo appear: a pearl of unspeakable beauty!

Our journey ends just after Le
town at the resort overlooking the Poschiavo Lake called Hotel Le Prese.

Here, after so many hours sitting, we immerse
ourselves for a walk in the green of the beautiful private park of the luxury
hotel, while sipping some sparkling wine.

On the rooftop terrace of the hotel, after a
short speech from the event hosts, the representatives of the
institutions, tour operators and journalist of Italy and Switzerland, we
ended  the day tasting the organic
products of  “Smart Valley 100% bio” such as “tartare di salmerino di lago con
spuma allo yogurt, sciatt al bitto e farina di grano saraceno, polenta mogna ai
funghi” and other delicacies (very difficult to translate), paired with Valtellina wines and Val Poschiavo juices.
Not at all a light
dinner as  planned in the program!
If you might be interested in it, Slow Train Experience is on sale online at
It can be
purchased in one of the three packages:
+ Unesco
with Bernina Red Train up to St. Mortiz with accommodation at
luxury Hotel Le Prese;
–  Casera and Bitto valley: food and wine tour of mountain
pastures and tradition with accommodation at La Fiorida, house of the Chef
Gianni Tarabini;
+ Valposchiavo
: discovery of the two valleys among nature, food and wine.

Next Slow Train is leaving from EXPO Railway Station next 7th, 14th, 21st and 25th September; why don’t you book it to discover italian Alps?
written after launch trip of Slow Train for Expo invited by Valposchiavo Region.


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