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To do in Torino: dinner with murder

When you are tired of evenings with normal dinners out with boyfriends / husbands / wives and / or friends and you are instead looking for something new, that gives some boost by adding a little zing, here you could be attracted by a “dinner with murder” and you would find a nice location with other hundred people sharing the evening, the room and maybe even the table to spend some time in a different way.

In Torino, one of the restaurants that organizes these dinners-event is restaurant L’Ammiraglia, located  on the hill side; the location is already somewhat macabre but that goes well with the murder.
Imagine a foggy evening along the Po river, a villa of the Turin hills, hidden in a steep and narrow road that branches off from Corso Moncalieri, a lounge reminiscent of the interior of the old ships with wooden carvings and coffered ceilings: isn’it the perfect location for a crime?
And if the theater company that stages the comedy-detective drama is stunning, the ingredients for a perfect evening are all set on the table.
Dinner is simple, 3 appetizers, first course, main course and dessert, but between one course and the other actors entertain the diners with a show that is able to capture and hold the breath and at the same time people are looking forward to discovering new clues to be able to unmask the murderess. As a real Hercule Poirot or a bold and sprightly Miss Marple.

Here are some estaurants in Torino that organize dinners with murder:
Ristorante l’Ammiraglia – Via Campagnino, 8 (near Moncalieri 397)
Ristorante La Cloche – Strada Traforo del Pino, 106
AmbHaraBar – Via Borgo Dora, 10
Ristorante Garden – Strada Val Salice, 2


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