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Gothenburg and his green world

In Sweden nature is a serious matter. The country is mainly covered by woods and forests, lakes and green areas, and the population density is really negligible: about 22 inhabitants per square km. There also are big cities, like Gothenburg, for example, that after Stockholm is the second largest by …
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Swedish tradition of Saint Lucia

December 13 is Saint Lucia day. The Christian martyr of Syracuse killed in the reign of Diocletian is linked to a major Swedish traditions. Lucia remembers the Light and this is probably why the saint is venerated by the Catholic and the Lutheran church in Sweden. The light in December …
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Abitudini svedesi: la Tvättstuga

Paese che vai abitudini che trovi…ed è proprio vero. Qui in Svezia, soprattutto nelle città e nei condomini c’è un locale particolare che normalmente si trova al piano seminterrato o in una casetta nel cortile e si chiama Tvättstuga. La Tvättstuga è la lavanderia comune. E’ un locale attrezzato di …
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Goteborg Christmas Market

In all the cities of northern Europe in December the Christmas markets are a tradition. Since some years here in Italy the tradition is catching on. When I was a kid I remember that there was talk of only those in South Tyrol and Trentino …. now there are everywhere …