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How italian US lovers feel the States

I really love the States.
There’s something attracting me that I hardly can explain.
My dream is to visit the 50 States plus the DC, and I am now almost at the halfway mark, with 23.

Every time I speak with an American about our desire, I always get more and more punch to go on. And the recurrent question is “Among all the States you have visited so far, which one is your favorite?
And I always am in trouble when answering.

I don’t actually know which State is my favourite because every and all State have their own peculiarity.
From New England to Mid West all states hold a small part of my heart.
If I am forced to say which state is my preferred one, I still have 3: Vermont, New Hampshire and Kentucky. And it’s difficult to choose among them.

Vermont: I like it for the peaceful sceneries, the green mountains and the lake area. I spent a couple of days in the mountains there and I still remember how relaxed I was there.

New Hampsire motto is what made me falling in love with: Live free or die. And the special triple layer roast beef sandwich I ate in Concord won me over.

Kentucky is a beloved one because I have some dear friends there. And also because I had the opportunity to see over the Corvette factory that really worth a visit! 

I am still missing south and west states, but I am already planning to return in 2013 to visit some other new states and increase the space USA will occupy in my dreams, my life and my feelings.

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