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What to eat in Singapore

We can find the multi-ethnicity of Singapore in the food too.

In this city where  different races and different cultures coexist, food is not a problem at all.
There is a wide choice of restaurants and if you do not love Asian cuisine you can easily find the western one. In case you are in a hurry and do not like to spend too much time eating, you can go to a traditional fast food but you have also a lot of alternatives.

If you want to taste “typical” dishes, then you should try the Malaysian cuisine or Chinese food or Indian food: the cuisine of the three main ethnic groups that are present in the state of Singapore.
But the ultimate “local” lunch is at a hawker center: in a building like an open hall  with many tables and many kiosks that sell food and where you can choose your plate.
The food is always very fresh and the selection is excellent.
And it’s here that often Singapore people eat during the lunch break.

We tried the Lau Pa Sat at the intersection of Robinson Road and Boon Tat Street, not far from the Tanjong Pagar Metro station.

We both love Japanese food and of course we could not resist to taste it there too.
We avoided the classic sushi / sashimi and we tried special dishes, fried and mix of rice and fish: very delicious!

Being in Singapore at the end of January we were able to assist in the preparation of the celebration for the Lunar Chinese New Year.
Among the various food we tasted, we have also been able to taste the good luck salad getting ready to celebrate the new year.
This salad is made ​​up of several ingredients, each of which represents a fortune: fish (abundance), noodles (long life), pomelo (thankfully), pepper (money), oil (profit), root (prosperity or job promotion), peanuts (eternal youth), sesame seeds (business flourishing), fried flour chips (money).
The interesting thing is that it is served before dressing it with olive oil and honey, and once the dressing is put in, all the people around the table have to stand, mix the salad with chopsticks bringing the ingredients as high as possible on the plate. Nice to see, good to taste.

The Quays [Clark Quay and Boat Quay] are two areas of Singapore where there is a high concentration of restaurants and pubs.
Many tourists are there for dinner, but you can also meet many local people.
We tried the Mongolian restaurant [The Tent Mongolian] and  the Malaysian restaurant [King Satay] in Clark Quay, both great experiences:  fresh and tasty food.
In 10-day stay, we could not resist the lure of Italian cuisine and we were really lucky.
At the top of Orchard Road, towards the Botanical Gardens, there is an Italian restaurant with original, fresh and well prepared food: the restaurant La Forketta.

Our last suggestion is to absolutely taste shellfish, and in particular “black pepper crab” : crab served with a black pepper sauce.
On the waterfront there are several restuarants that serve crabs, fresh and cooked to order.
A truly unforgettable experience that is still watering our mouth at the thought 🙂 
We tasted it at Jumbo Seafood Restaurant.

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