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A real Beer Pub in Pennsilvanya

Travelling from New York to Chicago by car [and I can swear that it was a great trip] we stopped here and there to rest.
We didn’t have any timetable to respect, that’s always the way we travel around USA on the road, and we decided to stop whenever we were feeling tired.

On the first day, after a long drive through Pennsylvania, enjoying the countryside view, we decided to stop along the street and use the coupon at a Holiday Inn Express hotel in Clearfield, PA.

It was a rainy afternoon and we were a bit tired after having driven more than 270 miles. Just in front of our hotel there were several restaurants, the standard ones, but on that evening we wanted to try something different, something more local.

We looked for some advices on the brochures we found in our room and we decided to try Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub. And, believe me, we have not regretted our choice!

As soon as we reached the Denny’s we understood that this pub is very famus for hamburgers and while waiting to be seated we looked around to the pictures on the walls. People eating huge hamburgers and competing on who would eat the bigger as fast as possible were smiling from the frames and on that moment we realized we have arrived in the place we were looking for!

We were very tempted by the hamburger, but after giving a glance to the menu we decided to order a steak each. They were big, tasty and juicy at the point. And to drink we were able to choose among a long list of tap beers!

What made us smiling was the reaction of the waitress when we told her we were coming from Italy. I don’t think many italians have visited that place, but whenever we talk with friends driving in that area we alvays recommend Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub!

Where to find it?
Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub
1452 Woodland Road, Clearfield, PA
phone +1 814-765-7190


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