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Brazil: do/don't in Sao Paulo

Brazil has always attracted us … for the nature and for the several “beauties”.
Sao Paulo is one of the largest cities in the world and, with its 20 million of inhabitants (it’s right … millions!) has an impressive territorial extension .

Landing in Sao Paulo

Arriving by plane you can very well perceive the greatness of this city, and if you want to analyze how it is most in detail, our advice is to take a taxi.
It happened to having to move from the south to the north of the city to visit a couple of friends who live in the other side of the city compared  to the hotel where we were it took us 2 hours and a half to cover the distance!

If you are interested in visiting Sao Paulo, we want to give you a few tips to avoid running into problems and especially to enjoy the city without worries and fears.

Havaiana’s shop at Oscar Freire


  • Avenida Paulista is one of the main streets of São Paulo, with museums, shops and points of interest. Going there, you will be sure to walk without being bothered or disturbed. At every street corner, in fact, there are a couple of cops that watch over the tranquility of the area
  • Oscar Freire is the shopping street par excellence. Here you can find well-known brands and trendiest shops. It is located just behind Avenida Paulista so you can reach it from there on foot.
  • Taxi: Our suggestion is to ask the hotel to book you a taxi and tell the driver where to take you. Unfortunately, few taxi drivers speak English and can sometimes be complicated to communicate.
  • City tour: in this case, the advice is to ask the hotel if they have operators who organize the tour. Do not go by yourself, in a city that you do not know there is always the risk of ending up in the wrong neighborhood. Alternatively, ask the hotel to bargain with the taxi driver for you and organize a tour that allows you to see the city without encountering any unpleasant mishaps.
  • Churrasco and caipirinha: This is a must do! You should definitely try them. You can find them easily in every part of the city and I can assure you that they are always good.


  • Venture for the city, perhaps with visible phones and cameras in tow is not recommended in most of the world. Sao Paulo is no exception.
  • Explore on your own angles outside the city center is not recommended, much less if you get close to the famous favelas. Let us remember that we are foreigners and do not always know all habits.
  • In Churrascaria avoid to fill your plate with appetizers (which are usually self-service buffet) because otherwise when you get the main dish, the meat, you will never get to taste all the juicy cuts.
The different churrasco meat cuts

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