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A surprise in Sweden…

Today I got a surprise..
While I was working I got an interesting invitation.
Why not going to swim after work?

You may say…nothing strange! It’s summer time and at sea places very often people leaving the office are spending the remaining afternoon at the beach, swimming and enjoying the sunset at the sea.

The only “strange” thing for me is that I’m in SWEDEN!
And as anybody can imagine, the temperature here is not exactly the same as the one at the Maldives, at the Caribbean islands or in the south of Italy.

But since it was a strange and a very tempting invitation I accepted!

And I was so happy of that!
I left the office, grabbed my swim stuff and left for the beach.
Sun was still warm, some wind was chilling down the temperature, but I wasn’t worried at all.
We went to a crowded area, many kids were swimming there too therefore I wasn’t that scared.

I expected the sea much colder than it actually was!
To be honest it was really perfect to freshen up… and I was thinking to my friends in Italy that are now suffering for the heat 😉

What impressed me a lot were all the rocks around. No beach and no volcanic rocks as we are mostly used in Italy but rounded and grey big rocks where it is a pleasure sitting on and even walking barefoot.

It has been a real amazing experience!

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