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Paris: stroll about Montmartre

Towards the end of their wanderings, Van Gogh and his brother Theo,
arrived in Paris by choosing one of the corners that can still be considered among the most beautiful of the French capital: the Montmartre district.
After taking
a walk in the
neighborhood of
Pigalle and climbing through one of the many narrow streets full of
souvenir shops  you will arrive at the famous cathedral of Sacre-Coeur.

To climb to the basilica, if you do not want to trudge further, we suggest you to use the funicular: the stroke is included in the daily metro ticket .

One of the
things I
enjoyed in
Paris is the
fact that entrance
into churches,
especially the most
famous, is free. Beware though that is not always allowed to take photographs. Moreover with the use of the flash.

the cathedral, you can
not avoid
another tourist
destination: the Place du Tertre, full of artists and bistros. 
Depending on your tolerance for crowds and hawkers, spend some time in this square.  My dream would be to see it empty, to appreciate the church of St. Pierre and cafes with their characteristic terrace.
The only time to be able to enjoy in peace, however, it is the early morning hours. If your hotel is nearby, try this: I guarantee a unique experience.

To continue to explore this neighborhood don’t avoid the area that is usually overlooked by most but which, at every turn, takes you back to the period of bohemian Paris.
To immerse yourself in what remains of the ancient Parisian vineyards, continue your walk along Rue des Saulse.
If you are here around at the end of October, you can not miss the festival of the harvest that takes place right on this street.

Along the way you’ll come across in the last bistrot that has been not much different from what the eyes of Van Gogh would have seen in his search for a place to drink absinthe: Au Lapin Agile. This legendary cabaret in fact retains many colors and environments already present at the end of the nineteenth century

You can find other places patronized by painters and artists of the late ‘800: the famous Mulin de la Galette immortalized in a famous painting by Renoir; still is a restaurant, but unfortunately does not have internally retained the style of the time. And yet, across
the street from Le Lapin Agile,
there is’ a small
pink house that is now a restaurant “La Maison Rose”,
even this one has been immortalized in a painting by the famous artist Maurice Utrillo.

A highlight of this area, almost never mentioned in tourist guides and little frequented by tourists is Place Dalida. A small square at the end of Rue del’Abrevoir where there is a bust of the famous singer, placed there in 1997.
Continue to wander through the narrow streets behind the Sacre Coeur and you will find more surprises and other interesting roads: the Allée des Brouillards, where Renoir lived ,
or Avenue Junot where you will find a fine example of art deco architecture, or even n .6 Rue Durantin where Picasso, Max Jacob and other artists had their studies at the beginning of 900.

suggest you to get off
then on Rue des Abbesses where you can enjoy a aperitif in one of the premises, before taking the metro Abbesses on line 12 and go to your next destination.

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