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GowithOh blogger tester competition

Apartment rentals are becoming more and more popular when travelling for leisure during last years.
I’ve discovered this “world” thanks to a friend spending a long week-end in Barcelona with the family.
It’s always tricky for big families [my friend has 3 kids] to find a nice place, don’t spend a fortune and be as free as possible.

Looking around for one of next leisure travels I ended up to GowithOh website and I happened to know about the competition “Be our guest tester – for bloggers”.

I’m always attracted by such challenges therefore I started to browse the destinations and I found where I’d like to go and wich apartment is “making me go weak at the knees”.

Destination is Edinburgh and the apartment I’d like to stay in is a One bedroom modern apartment located in New Town.
Watching at the pictures, I immediately loved it for the brightness of the rooms, the modern furniture and the sloping ceiling.


At home, I live in the attic and I have the sloping ceiling too. 
Watching at this apartment’s pictures I felt like I wouldn’t miss home at all!

It’s not that big [40sqm] but it would be perfect enough to spend a nice week-end with a friends, or even two. 
Having a sofa-bed in the living room, it can host up to 4 people and I am pretty sure we would not have space problems.
Since I’m a tourist in a new city I usually don’t spend that much time inside but I prefer to explore each and every corner of the city.


The interesting side, that I discovered trying to book with GowithOh, is that you will immediately receive discounts for transport and sites to visit in the city you will spend your vacation. Don’t you think is a very good deal? 

Moreover what can be very much appreciated, when renting an apartment, is not only the possibility of preparing and eating whatever food we would like [even pasta cooked as it should be, in case we really miss it!], but in case of bad weather, we would be able to spend some time in the house without being tightly closed in an hotel room.

Next time I’ll go somewhere for leisure I’m sure I’ll rent an apartment…and you will soon read about this!

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