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Goteborg Christmas Market

In all the cities of northern Europe in December the Christmas markets are a tradition.
Since some years here in Italy the tradition is catching on. When I was a kid I remember that there was talk of only those in South Tyrol and Trentino …. now there are everywhere even further south!

In Sweden the tradition is more than consolidated, and it is for this reason that last year I spend a weekend in Gothenburg  to visit the Christmas markets, drink glogg and do some shopping.

In the city there are different markets and all of them are originally organized.
At Liseberg Amusement Park there is one of the most popular Christmas markets, with wooden houses scattered here and there among the avenues of trees covered with thousands of fairy lights.
In every wooden house you can find local products, from sausage to cheese from north of Sweden, from thick wool socks to leather gloves.
As a plus to the market, in the evening during weekends there are ice shows that fascinate kids and parent alike..

And between a house and the other, between a brazier to warm hands and the other is not unusual to see Liseberg, the rabbit mascot of the park.

In the area behind the town hall square there is another particular market, one where you find most of the service organizations that sell products hand made ​​and selling them to raise funds for charity

In addition to stalls selling jams, preserves, hand made wool garments, there are also stalls selling hot dogs and those who make a sort of “charity fishing” with numbered cards and awards.
Next door, in the same courtyard, there is a chocolate factory … a shop in which to lose between chocolate and candy!

Moving then to the old part of the city, Haga, you can find a Christmas market in the street.
Here the stalls are very similar to those of normal markets. Most are food stalls from all over the world: the classic Swedish cinnamon bun, Argentine empanadas, Spanish churros and many other goodies.
In addition to these banquets there are those of socks, hats, gloves, warm clothing and Christmas decorations.
During the day, here, it is quite common to encounter the bands parading through the streets cheering the area with Christmas music.

About music and carols, to Drottingstorget there is a fabulous surprise. From December 6 to 31 you can attend a show that I had never seen elsewhere: the Singing Christmas tree. A gospel choir that sings Christmas carols on a stage in the shape of Christmas tree … an emotion of colors and sounds, which make you forget the cold weather

In short, you can feel Christmas in Sweden in every corner, and I love Goteborg even in December and even with the cold weather and the darkness!

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