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Los Roques, Venezuelas Islands

I still remember that flight, noisy and shaky, back in August 2011 that brought us from Caracas to Gran Roque, 160 km away. Luckily only 45 minutes flight eased by the sight of the beautiful islands during the trip.

Gran Roque is the largest island of the archipelago of Los Roques, the only inhabited and  with facilities like the POSADAS, kind of guest houses more or less luxurious. 
The posada we were staying, La Lagunita, is one of the many run by Italians, settlers of the archipelago declared a national park in 1972.

Almost all posadas offer a full board where lunch is prepared and delivered to the visitor in the form of cava (a cooler) along with the umbrella that will ensure your survival in the 6-7 hours you spend marooned on an island archipelago, soaking up the sun and out of the crystal clear water of the Caribbean Sea.

Life in Los Roques monotonously runs between one beach and the other, and for this reason we have decided to dedicate to it only the last seven days of our tour in Venezuela.

After the first two days, however, you realize that you could stay here forever: the islands large enough to deserve a name are in fact 42 but after these you can explore 250 islets, with white sand, scattered around in Gran Roque.

Our posada highly sponsors group life and offers its guests a private boat, [” The Gordo”, that each day brings the guests to an island carefully selected on the previous evening ] and relax on the terrace while enjoying an aperitif.

Diving enthusiasts have at their disposal interesting excursions but also those who do not want to engage in any sport have the opportunity to discover turtles, starfish and the famous botuto, whose fishing is now prohibited .

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