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Sioux Falls the hidden gem of South Dakota

“What is there to see  in the Midwest?”
Whether travelling for business or pleasure, or passing through some of the America’s most famous cities, my friends and colleagues often ask me this question.
Believe me, thre’s plenty to see and enjoy in the Midwest!

If you like outdoors, you will love the vast expanses of corn fields; alfter all this is the home of the famous Corn Belt!
Then there is the charm of the ruler-straight roads and of the clusters of farms, cattle and trees dotting this amazing landscape. There are small and virtually unknown cities, towns and villages, each one with a charm of its own.

If you happen to have a few days to spend in South Dakota, I strongly recommend you to visit Sioux Falls.
It is the largest town in the state of South Dakota with a large network of parks; the most famous of all is Falls Park. From there you will be able to admire the city´s namesake waterfalls of the Big Sioux River.

Another famous landmark is Fort Dakota, a military post established in 1862 to protect the settlers from the natives during the Sioux Indians Uprising.

Falls Parks boasts a very efficient Visitor Information Center, offering guidance to those visiting the city, the park and the imposing 15 meters viewing tower.
Visitors can enjoy the scenic beauty, such as the falls cascading over several layers of red rock, but also take advantage of a wealth of recreation facilities and amenities that will make your stay pleasant and comfortable.

Access to the park is free, and it is quite common for families to choose it as a picnic spot, especially on weekends. For this purpose, there are several picnic tables with benches, and the shelters and the canopies offer protection in case of rain or very hot sun.

Fro May to September you can also catch a ride in the Sioux Falls Trolley from downtown to Sioux Park. It´s free and makes a loop through the historic downtown of Sioux Falls in 20 minutes.
If you prefer to drive to Falls Park, don´t worry: there’s plenty of parking space, and it is free!

The city also organizes SculptureWalk, an exciting eibition of outdoors sculptures in a variety of materials displayed year-round in downtown Sioux Falls.
Locals and visitors can vote for their favorite sculpture. The winning sculpture is purchased by the city and kept on permannt display in the Visitor Center at Falls Park.

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