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The Girl’s Guide to Homemaking

I bought a book some time ago and as I usually do, I left it on the shelf for a while. Then, one day, leaving to the seaside I picked it to start reading it while relaxing under the sun.

Amy Bratley’s “The Girl’s Guide to Homemaking” is a wonderful book that tells of a young woman who works at the London-based auction house Rosendale struggling with a broken heart and a rather ramshackle family situation . The protagonist, however, has inherited from her grandmother a beautiful book containing quotes and advices on the role of women at home from the 50ies.

“Being a housewife is not so bad compared to other career opportunities for women. Women should roll up their sleeves, stop dreaming of a career or just an office job, and devote themselves to the business and to bake cakes” I hate housekeeping, Peg Bracken, 1962

Credits goodreads.com

In the novel, in addition to suggestions from “good housewife” there are also some dessert recipes, cocktails or tips on how to sew aprons and coordinated handkerchiefs.

Driven by curiosity (and food love) I dabbled in trying one of the recipes:

210 g of dark chocolate
210 ml whipping cream
30g unsalted butter
Peanuts or raisins (optional)
Cocoa powder and / or hazelnuts

Break up the chocolate and set aside.
In a saucepan, heat the cream to medium heat and once brought to a boil, add the chocolate into pieces.
Stir until the chocolate melt completely getting a mixture without lumps; then add the butter. Continue stirring until you have a creamy mixture.
Add peanut or raisins, or whatever your choice.
Allow the mixture to cool (to do faster you can even use the fridge); then, once cold, roll into balls with the help of a spoon.
Roll the truffles in cocoa powder or chopped hazelnuts.
Serve with a dollop of whipped cream with brandy.

I went for raisins and nuts to put in chocolate and I put the mixture to cool on the balcony.
Here you can look and judge the outcome. Who has tasted approved the choice for dessert.

“To prepare the perfect goodies, you need a happy atmosphere in the kitchen. Light the candles, put on a pretty gown and put a gentle relaxing music that helps you stir a delicious mix” Tips for a perfect house, 1959

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