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Amalfi Coast in a winter day

When thinking to Amalfi Coast, the classic towns that come to mind are Amalfi, Sorrento and Positano. But there are also other beautiful places much less known.

We started our trip from Maiori; the sunny day was really great for strolling along the waterfront.
This town is full of tourists during the summer while in winter, with the closed hotels, it is quiet and almost deserted. 
After a walk in the city center, inward along the river, and after the first coffee of the day, we headed to Minori.

Minori was a must.
Passionate spectator of “La prova del cuoco”, a cooking TV show, where the pastry chef Salvatore De Riso proposes his recipes every Saturday, I really wanted to see his pastry shop and taste the cakes.
And in Minori is where Sal De Riso has his pastry.

Here then is the second stop, the second coffee, but this time accompanied by excellent cakes: aubergines chocolate cake [absolutely fabulous], meringue and cheesecake with berries.

After a walk in Minori we “climbed” to Ravello, which dominates the towns of Maiori and Minori from the top of the cliff.
The Cathedral and Villa Rufolo are the two treasures of this town: the Cathedral dates from the eleventh century and is in a distinctly Romanesque style, to start from the floor uphill from the entrance to the high altar. 
Villa Rufolo, with its wonderful garden where every year is hosted the Ravello Festival [which includes demonstrations of classical music, cinema, literature and other arts] is very well known and worth a visit.

Soon it’s lunch time, so we headed to Amalfi, the queen of the coast, one of the most known and most battered sightseeing site.
Hands up who, when hearing about the Amalfi Coast, does not think to Amalfi! 
We visited the beautiful Duomo, with its bi-chrome facade and the stairway leading up from the narrow square; indeed this is the true symbol of the city.

It’s pretty obvious that all the restaurants in Amalfi are prepared to welcome hordes of tourists; but if you want to escape a bit from the crowd and from the classic tourist restaurants, we recommend to walk on to the road that goes from the Piazza del Duomo toward the school area.
We did it and after the visit we treated ourselves with a delicious Pizza Margherita [the queen of pizzas, of course!] in a small pizzeria in front of the primary school.

In the afternoon we headed to Positano.
This town that rises from the sea entrenching the hill is a real glance. It is when you look out from the “panoramic points” that  are along the main road of the Coast, that you feel the real beauty.
The houses of Positano are charming, much as the steps that descend from the main road towards the sea.
Along the beach there are cafes and restaurants and is pleasant to sit there for a while and enjoy the warmth of the sun.
Pay attention to prices: a simple coffee can even cost € 4!

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