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Sleeping in Lombardia : Podere Casale in Val Tidone

Last year, invited to a tour in Val Tidone, in Piaccenza area, we had the opportunity oto sleep among the wineyards.
We arrived at Podere Casale, Vicobarone of Ziano Piacentino, in Val Tidone, mid-morning and we immediately got struck by the beautiful building: stately and elegant, restored without detracting from the historical content, looked like an ancient manor.
To wait for us, the current owners, the Mrs Rigamonti and her son Nicolas, originally from Milan but now from several years,inhabitants of this beautiful part of Italy: Val Tidone.
After presentations and reception practicalities, we were taken to our room which, surprisingly, was a beautiful suite, with entrance / living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. All furnished with taste: rustic furniture, walls with exposed stones, wooden ceilings, fireplace in living room and a balcony that overlooks the valley. From there we could enjoy a magnificent view: several bell towers and an endless expanse of vineyards that was about to change color and were flooded by a gentle glow of sun and mist.

This was a relaxing place; there you can empty of all the stress accumulated in the city and live in direct contact with the nature!
After a refreshing shower and some relax, we reached out to the other participants in the garden surrounding the buildings. Here Nicolas told us that the buildings had recently been restored, that they were once inhabited by the Malvicini Fontana Marquis, long feudal lords in Vicobarone (1408-1718  as cites a nameplate on outside wall tower).
Nowadays the only surviving part as witnessof that time it is the tower; the other buildings have been transformed: where the stables were, now there are rooms and apartments for guests. In the building further upstream, in addition to offices, there is the kitchen. Nicolas captured our attention to the great hall, where lies a beautiful magnificent fireplace embellished with the coat of arms of the Marquis Malvicini Fontana, used as conference room, as art exhibitions hall, for tastings activities and  for receptions.
The garden, very well taken care personally by the owner, it’s all a riot of colors, although the season was past!
The corner of the pool was very interesting; so pity that at that time was not the time for swimming anylonger, but we immediately thought about the pleasure of a holiday with nature, tranquility and well-being of a dip in the pond.

From the pool we looked out over the vineyards surrounding the farm house and down to the valley to enjoy the  alternation of beautiful colors.
Here Nicolas told us about the work in the vineyard, the organized system of the vines until harvest of the grapes in the wine cellar. The basement behind us is used for wine processing until the wine is stored in large steel barrels.
It is really nice to live in this oasis of peace, and since we are curious we asked Ms. Daniela who are the customers who can take advantage of their comfortable conditions. The lady answered that are so many people, families, couples, looking for quiet places like this and their guests arrive a bit from everywhere . Many of them are foreigners (British, American, French but also Swiss and Belgian), but above all Italian from cities like Milan and Turin or from Veneto, Lazio, and other Italian regions.
Guests can also schedule visits in the surroundings, rich in art and history, following the suggestions of the Rigamonti family.
The night at Podere Casale went on in a flash: so silent, so natural with the moon that illuminates the bell towers scattered in the valley.
Morning came fast and so was time for breakfast. Breakfast here was an event: the jams, cakes, fresh fruit, yogurt, typical sweets and of course milk, coffee, tea …

Cakes and jams, strictly home made by Mrs. Daniela, were amazingly good: you eat them even when you are not hungry! All this was certainly a good start to the day, plenty of energy to better address the various activities planned:  visits to several wineries, discover the historic sites around Podere Casale such as castles or villas in the Val Tidone but also quietly strolling in the garden or reading a good book by the pool.
To treat yourself to a relaxing holiday at Podere Casale with good food, wine and culture in Val Tidone just remember that the facility is open yearly from March to October.

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