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Brasilian carnival: Sao Paulo

Few years ago, in February, I had the opportunity to travel to Brazil.
Opportunity grabbed during the harsh winter weather: few days before my departure the thermometer had dropped to -25 ° celsius and you can just imagine how happy I was to leave the cold behind.
Traveling in winter to warm destinations, always puzzles me about how to dress.
I certainly can not leave home with light clothing, but even not to bring the quilt to arrive  in places where I would find at least + 25 ° celsius!
The solution I found, and that for the moment seems the most appropriate, is to leave the duvet in the car once I arrive at the airport; if you park at the terminal just leave it in the trunk, if you are driven by somebody else to the airport, just leave it in the car  recalling our driver to bring it back when they returning to pick you up!
Just as I had imagined: Brazil, after 12 hours of flight, greeted me with its 30° celsius and I took advantage from the very beginning of the summer weather and sunshine.
I was in San Paolo was during the first days of Carnival and I have to confess that I was really surprised.
In Italy, as in other European countries, the carnival is usually celebrated with parades of floats and masked people along the city streets.
Hence, totally unprepared, I inquired about the program of the shows in Sao Paulo.
You can imagine the surprise when I got the explanation that the parade of floats and samba schools are held exclusively at the Sambadrome.
The Sambadrome is similar to a large rectangular stage, a corridor along which the floats parade takes place and with them the samba schools are dancing.
The samba schools are groups of dancers, choreographers, historians and plastic artists who throughout the year are preparing the floats, costumes, dances and choreography and during the period of Carnival parade are representing the colors and symbols of their school .
After realizing that there would be no parades in cities I tried to get information for a go hence and see the Sambadrome.
I passed a couple of times next to the Sambadrome during the days before the beginning of the carnival and I always saw turmoil in the surrounding area.
Final preparations were under way and by the high walls of the perimeter I could see the chariot towered top.
Curiosity grew more and more and finally I asked how to be able to attend a fashion show one of the first nights of the carnival.

Alas the prices were really high since only the last tickets remained .

I then had  to follow the shows on television, since a lot of channels showed the party.

The first night of the carnival I happened to pass in the area of the Sambadrome returning to the hotel and there I  could then “breathe” a bit of carnival air.
It’s hard to describe the number of buses and cars parked in the area. A cheering crowd was prepared to dance, drink and have fun all night.
The shows usually begins around 22.00 and goes on until late at night, or should I say up early in the morning: it seems you do not go home until 3 or 4 am!

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