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Good luck salad for the Chinese New Year in Singapore

Tomorrow, the 25th of January 2020, the Chinese all over the world celebrate the chinese new year according to the traditions and ancient customs.
This discussion brings to mind the Chinese New Year of 2011, which I happen to celebrate in Singapore.

Singapore is, in my opinion, one of the most tolerant and multiethnic country I have ever visited.
Therein four main ethnic groups coexist (Chinese, Malay, Indian and European) and each ethnic group has its own traditions.
In Singapore everyone’s traditions are respected and therefore they celebrate all the anniversaries, holidays and public days without upset anyone.

Returning to the memory of the Chinese New Year we spent with our friends, I think about the decorations, the red envelopes in which the elderly give money to young people and oranges that young people bring as a gift to the elders of the family as a sign of respect.
Among the culinary traditions, the salad of luck is one of the most known.
It can be ordered as a main course in all Chinese restaurants already a few days before the celebration, and it is a must to prepare it in order to celebrate the New Year.

This salad is made up of various ingredients, each of which is bringing luck: fish (abundance), noodles (long life), pomelo (luck), pepper (money), oil (profit), root (prosperity or job promotion), peanuts (eternal youth), sesame seeds (business flourishing), chips fried dough (money).

The interesting thing is that is served before you season it with oil and honey and once the sauce is poured, all the people around the table, standing, must mix the salad with chopsticks bringing the ingredients as high as possible on the plate.
Nice to see, better to taste.

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