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Exploring Liguria: Soldano

I love the sea in winter time. It’s relaxing and I profit to recharge my batteries. With good weather I always want to be outdoors even if I can not even go to the beach with swimsuit and sunscreen. Therefore I often try to explore the Ligurian hinterland to discover …
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Wonderful Polynesia

One of our month guest, some times ago, talked about wonderful Polinesia and how nice is to take a break there… Have you ever thought “soon I will drop everything and run to Bora Bora”? Seeing those very famous and exotic islands  has always been one of my dreams and …
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A dream travel to Botswana

One of our “guest of the month”, Daniele, is telling us about his dream travel to Botswana… few days of his marvellous trip. I had a dream: to make a trip to Africa driving a jeep and  being able to drive on sand roads, see the animals and enjoy the …
Usa on the road

Eating Pizza in the US?

I love the USA not only for cities and great landscapes, but also for food. The US food is typically based on meat, in all its combinations, and when it is cooked well it really is  a treat. What is certain is that after several days away from home, it comes the …
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Swedish tradition of Saint Lucia

December 13 is Saint Lucia day. The Christian martyr of Syracuse killed in the reign of Diocletian is linked to a major Swedish traditions. Lucia remembers the Light and this is probably why the saint is venerated by the Catholic and the Lutheran church in Sweden. The light in December …