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Usa on the road

USA on the road: where to sleep

After several trips on the road to the United States I have learned how to manage the housing part in a simple, fast and above all economic way. Initially I tried to trace the routes and to book in advance for hotels along the way. Already in the middle of the first …
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Amalfi Coast in a winter day

When thinking to Amalfi Coast, the classic towns that come to mind are Amalfi, Sorrento and Positano. But there are also other beautiful places much less known. We started our trip from Maiori; the sunny day was really great for strolling along the waterfront. This town is full of tourists …
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Visiting Arezzo

Arezzo is a city in Tuscany not as well  known as Pisa, Siena and the famous Florence. Many cities in Tuscany enclose a lot of wonderful treasures and Arezzo is no exception. Thanks to a couple of friends I visited Arezzo during December and I was really fascinated. It was …
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Monreale and its cathedral

Not far from Palermo,  up to the hill behind the town, there is a town that holds a great treasure: Monreale. Upon arriving in Palermo we decided to dedicate the rest of the day visiting Monreale. Apart from the ups and downs to reach Monreale, once we arrived we were …