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Eating in… New York City

Let’s continue in our ” Eating in … ” moving across the ocean , in one of the most
popular destinations in the USA. Here
are some suggestions for restaurants that we liked and that
we want to suggest to you.

you’re wandering through Chelsea in NYC , we recommend a visit to the Chelsea
[75 9th Ave – Little Italy area ] .
beautiful food market is located on the ground floor of the former factory of
Oreo cookies, a beautiful example of post-industrial architecture.
addition to several shops where buying fruits, vegetables , cheese, cupcakes, Italian
products (!) you will also find several places to make a snack or a quick
The most special, in our opinion, is The Lobster Place. 
fresh fish shop also sells the famous Maine lobsters that can be enjoyed on the
spot accompanied by a butter sauce or by sushi and sashimi.
price is really cheap compared to european standard.

meat lovers, what could be more typical in the U.S. than a burger?
Here is the Jackson Hole Burger [ 1270 Madison Ave – not far from the Guggenheim Museum ].
‘ a restaurant born in New York in 1972 and the specialty , it is not hard to
imagine what it is: the burger
may surprise you , once you sit down to read the menu , is the “poor” variety
of sandwiches when compared to that of many fast food around the world . 
your choice of burgers is I defy anyone to be disappointed
of the highlights of the restaurant is definitely the kitchen just behind the
counter where you can glance in, peek and steal the secret of how to cook a perfect 200g ( 7 oz  ) hamburger : a bowl of steel put on each ” meatball ” ensure
juiciness and
flavor of your sandwich .
burgers are served with classic American sandwich bread , french fries and sauces .
first challenge is to eat it because once ” composed “ the sandwich height
reaches 10 cm

Another place not to be missed visiting NYC is “The View“: the
only revolving restaurant
with 360-degree views
of the city [1535 Broadway – Not far from Times Square].
The American cuisine is of excellent quality, but the price is a bit too
much. Precisely for
this reason, in fact, rather than a real la carte dinner at the Restaurant at the 48th floor, we recommend a drink at the lounge floor of [the
47th]; be sure to
specify at the reception on ground floor that you want to go there.

Once in the Lounge you will access to a buffet menu that includes salty and sweet food at $ 38 dollars per person (+
tax, + tips + extra after 8 pm).
But all this is the outline!
The real attraction is to dine overlooking the forty-seventh floor of a skyscraper and seeing every corner of Manhattan lit in many colors during dinner. Really worthwhile!

those who can not do without Italian food, or simply for those who want to make
a special experience and at a certain level , we recommend the restaurant Felidia [
243 E 58th St – on Central Park ] .
restaurant, owned by Lidia Bastianich [ the famous mother of the even more famous Joe Bastianich ], offers
the best of Italian culture, food and wine.
wine list is quite impressive and many of the wines sold here are produced by the italian vineyards owned by Joe Bastianich [ … try a glass of Vespa, worth it! ].
we do not like Italian food abroad, because typically we can not ever find it cooked as we would expect. 
however, the pasta is perfectly cooked and the presentation of the dishes is
in everything and for everything that you would expect in Italy by a similar restaurant.
atmosphere is quaint and well kept, but perhaps it is a bit small place for the number
of tables.
tasted a dish of ravioli with cheese and pears really very very good and
delicate : the filling of pear and ricotta goes very well with the typical
cheese and pepper sauce.
the main courses are an excellent choice : the American meat , Italian-style,
can be very satisfying both for eyes and stomach.
advice is to book and not be in a hurry though, arriving at the scheduled time, your table is not ready yet; sit at the bar and sip an aperitif, this will
allow you to look around you appreciate the blend of Italian / U.S. and perceive it in the


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