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Warwick castle and the sandwich legend

In the heart of England, we visited the majestic and impressive Warwick Castle.
The castle is surrounded by a huge green area: beautiful floral gardens and green fields populated by numerous peacocks that do not hold back at all and offer beautiful dances to visitors.

In a corner of the garden we found out where the word “sandwich” comes from.
Legend says that in 1760, John Montague, the fourth Count of Sandwich, was playing cards and did not stop for dinner. He ordered that the flesh prepared for him was put between two slices of bread so he could eat while playing.

Everyone started to copy it by asking “flesh-prepared-as-one-of-John-Montague-the-fourth-Count-of-Sandwich”.
The ancient Romans had this idea more than a thousand years before but no one had ever called so what we now call all sandwich.
The interior of the castle can be visited and you can “assist” to a Royal Weekend Party.
Thanks to realistic statues that populate the sumptuous rooms you are thrown to 25 June 1898: the butler greets you at the entrance, the men play cards or chat in the library while the palace women sit in elegant rooms decorated with dozens of flowers . Really impressive.


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