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Rapid City: the Presidents City

Today I tell you again something about United States.
And I bring you to discover the beautiful  town of Rapid City, South Dakota.

Rapid City is well known among American tourists, but much less among foreigners.  It is famous for being the busiest and active tourist center  in the area of Mount Rushmore.

The tourist office in Rapid City is a volcano of ideas and activities at any time of the year; when you will arrive there you will always find an event organized for tourists.

Precisely because it is so close to attractions such as the National Park of the Black Hills, Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse Monument, it is a hub regarding hotels, restaurants and campsites.

The city center, however, deserves a very special mention.
Normally, the town centers in the USA are not a particularly attractive place for tourists.
Except some street where there are few shops, all the activities related to shopping and catering is distributed over wide areas of the commercial sites just outside the towns.

In Rapid City, however, the most pleasant thing is to walk around the city center.
The reason why,  you find out immediately, at the first corner: there are really special encounters!

The center of the town is littered with statues, life-size, of the Presidents of the United States of America.
Here’s the interesting thing, then! Walking discovering the faces and the names of presidents, reading the plaques placed at their feet in order to understand who they were, in what age they lived and what they did for the United States of America.
A real “chasing the president,” I would call it.

I did not hide my enthusiasm when crossing the streets to find out the name of the gentleman sitting comfortably in a chair with his hands crossed [Richard M. Nixon], of the one leaning on a barrel [James Polk] or of the one that shows a newspaper boldly [Harry S. Truman] or even of the one dressed in military uniform [Dwight D. Eisenhower].

James Polk – 11th president (1845-1849)

Dwight D. Eisenhower – 34th president (1953-1961)

Richard M. Nixon – 37th president (1969-1974)

Harry S. Truman – 33rd president (1945-1953)

A real fun, then, was to look for the most well-known presidents, the ones I saw on TV and I know because are most recent: George W. Bush with a dog in his arm while showing thumb up, Jimmy Carter, who in a very natural pose seems to greet someone on the opposite side of the road, Bill Clinton with a microphone and then my favorite, the one I have looked for since the beginning of the walk because I wanted a picture with him: JFK.

George W. Bush – 43rd president (2001-2009)

Jimmy Carter – 39th president (1977-1981)

Bill Clinton – 42nd president (1993-2001)

Picture with JFK – 35th president (1961-1963)

And after the walk with the presidents there is nothing better than a good burger or a steak: in South Dakota you cannot miss them.
This state, like many others in the Midwest, is very  famous for the breeding of cattle and the meat is one of the main production here.
For us not to miss anything about local food and drinks, we landed by Firehouse Brewing Co. a restaurant situated in the old fire station which is also a brasserie.
The environment is very special: fireman equipment adorn the walls and rooms of the restaurant and outside there is a pleasant outdoor area with plenty of tables.


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