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Mount Rushmore: a speechless experience

We left Rapid City just after lunch and we took the way up to the mountains, up to Mount Rushmore.
It was our vacation destination, our point of arrival before driving back to Chicago.

We planned the whole trip in order to be able to see Mount Rushmore, spend a couple of days in the area and drive back again through the Midwest, in the middle of nowhere.

We had to climb up through the Black Hills for few miles, then we started to see signs pointing to the parking lot.

There is no entrance fee at Mount Rushmore memorial, but you have to pay a parking fee instead. Each car pays 11,00$, no matter how many people you are inside.

After parking our car we walked to the entrance and, at the point in time you reach a sort of stone gate, you can see the Memorial in all its glory.
It left us speechless for a while.

We tried to imagine Mount Rushmore since we started to plan our vacation there, and we were pretty sure to find something extraordinarily amazing, but I bet nobody would ever be prepared to such a view.

The four Presidents were there, staring at us and at the landscape at the meantime. We really felt very very small.

Mount Rushmore Memorial is more than the sculpture only.
It’s first of all a huge alley of flags of all the states hanging from pillars where  carved on the marble, you can read the name of the State and when it became part of the United States of America.

And then it is a big museum explaining how the four big statues have been graved, who was Gutzon Borglum, the sculptor, why he decided to create such a huge sculpture and how he did it. Inside the sculptors’s studio it’s possible to expolre the artist’s methods and see some plasters. Moreover there is a theaterwhere you can see a movie of the days when the memorial was carved.

Mount Rushmore was a real exciting experience!


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