Usa on the road

USA on the road #1 : let’s rent a car!

If you’ve read the description of my profile you have read about my big love for the United States of America.

This fondness brings me, whenever possibilie, to plan at least two weeks holiday in the U.S. and strictly “on
the road”.
I like to
drive on USA streets, enjoy the endless views of the Midwest and the streets of big cities, feel free to go and stop whenever I want.

This post is intended as a suggestion for all those who want to embark on a trip to the USA, but are asking questions about how, where, when and what means to use.
I hope that my experience will be helpful to you. And if you want more detail, I am available to give you other suggestions!

the preparation and questions before leaving.

The driving license will be fine for driving in the U.S.?

In the U.S., you need a International Driving Permit, the so-called international driving license.
Often, however, the American police also accept the state driving license (I speak from personal experience hence Italian driving licence), but if you want to be sure and not run into any problems I suggest you to bring the international driving license which must be accompanied by the state driver’s license; beware, it should not be expired!!
Be careful to apply for an international driving license correct, namely that the Geneva Convention of 1949.

Where to book the car?

My advice is to book the car before departure because often the offers that are on internet are more profitable and already with the insurance compared to what is proposed to the rental agency banks that you find at the airport upon arrival.
I usually do a little research on the web well in advance. 
Often searching among the various car rental agencies I can find advantageous offers (eg. two drivers for the price of one or the first tank of fuel included in price).
I’ve already taken car rental from Hertz, Alamo and National and I have always had great experiences.

Lately I rely on E-noleggioauto who always offers affordable proposals.

What kind of car to choose?

When I travel in the U.S. I usually carry a large suitcase to check in and a trolley as hand luggage because I usually do some shopping at the outlets.

And since I do not travel alone, we avoid renting a car of compact or economic category as the boot is too small.
Therefore I always choose a car that has a spacious boot. 
This need comes from two fundamental reasons: the first is due to the fact that we move from town to town and then sometimes we have to leave our suitcases in the car for a few hours (ideally not too visible), the second is that the U.S. is forbidden to carry luggage on the back seat of the car because the seats are for passengers.
If you travel by 4 (as has happened to me a couple of times) our advice is to rent a van. With rear seats folded down you can comfortably host 4 suitcases and 4 hand luggage and the two rear passengers will stay comfortable and quiet.

What everyone should have?

One more thing that is imperative to have with you in the car is a satellite navigation system (GPS).
We have downloaded the maps of the U.S. and we brought our own, but you can also rent one with the car (sometimes offers of rentals include it with a minimal additional fee).
It’s really important to have it on hand to quickly identify the places, hotels, clubs, and try to avoid a wrong turn and get lost.
But be careful to set the correct address. In the same city there are often Street and Avenue with the same name!

The only time we left it at home, we stopped along the way in a pharmacy to buy one! Luckily you can find them easily and for all budgets.

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