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Not to miss in Mauritius: Ile des Deux Cocos

When you talk to someone who has already been to Mauritius, one of the first questions that you get is: did you go to the Ile des Cerfs?
That seems to be the most known and visited island; a small island about halfway on the east coast.
The fact is that since everyone knows it and all those who spent their holiday in Mauritius have gone there, it is literally overrun by tourists. The beautiful white beaches are surrounded by restaurants and kiosks, there are almost more activities to choose from there that in an amusement park …
I’m not the one that likes the crowd,
the beaches with a thousand of people and extreme activities.
Precisely for this reason I chose a  much more relaxing and rewarding alternative, accepting the invitation of Lux Resort to spend a day at Ile des Deux Cocos.

This small island, which is located in the south east of Mauritius, not far from the town of Mahebourg and the beach of Blue Bay,
is a private island. It is managed
by Lux Resort and it is open to people  who wish to spend a relaxing day being pampered and enjoying the crystal clear sea.

You can reach it from a small jetty from which a motor boat commutes you in less than 10 minutes from shore to shore. Upon arrival, after the welcome cocktail and a damp towel to cool,
the staff provides
information on the
island and on the conduct of activities that are all included in the package of the day: lunch, drinks and rum tasting, excursion on a  glass bottom boat to see coral reefs, snorkeling in the nature reserve.
Sun beds and hammocks are available to all, as well as tables and sofas that are located in comfortable and shady tents.
The staff makes the rounds among the beds offering drinks and I take the opportunity to lie down on my own sun bed and look around. The sea is transparent and even from a distance you can see the little fish swimming in the water. Drawn to take this show I grab a mask and a snorkel [that are freely provided by the organization together with the fins] and I dive to explore the underwater world with my little camera / camcorder.
Finally I manage not to use the hose nozzle as straw and then not to drink salty water … and I enjoy exploring the seabed that near the beach is not deep at all.
There are people relaxing, others snorkeling and others enjoying the wonder of nature reserve by boat. The glass bottom boat allows you to discover corals of all shapes and sizes and to spot all kinds of colorful fishes.

Soon it’s lunchtime, and the buffet is prepared under one of the gazebo and it is really interesting. The barbecue area is the best: prawns and cuttlefish or delicious hamburger make everyone satisfied.

There is also a pasta area, but as you know I do not like to eat Italian abroad,
so I do not get drawn into that part. What draws the attention however is the dessert buffet: hard to pick only one!
To finish lunch in the best way,
there is nothing better than
a good espresso and a glass of flavored rum:  fruit salad with red pepper, pineapple, lychee, coffee and orange [my
favorite], ginger …
On the island there is also a lovely villa with swimming pool, indoor patio and fantastic elevated terrace that was built here by the British Governor Sir Heshket Bell in the years around 1920. This villa, which has two bedrooms and a lounge room, is currently rented for private events or for couples or families wishing to spend a very romantic night here.
The atmosphere on the island is very relaxing, thanks to the diligence of those who work and those who deal the facility. A treat for those who pay attention to small and special things: the toilets are spotless and very original in their decor, but what is most striking are the bath products that are offered to guests: ginger soap cream is really fabulous!

A day on Ile des Deux Cocos costs about 70-75 € and includes transportation, the use of the equipment, all drinks and a buffet lunch. You can book through travel agencies or hotels in Mauritius that often offer it to their guests as an excursion,
or through the dedicated website.
The only things to take with you are a beach towel, swimsuits and the wish to enjoy this treat!

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