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Exploring Liguria : Imperia

We often spend some days in Liguria, where we have a summer house  and often we move west and east looking for nice corners and charming views.

This time we would like to tell you about the walk we took to Parasio of Imperia, in a beautiful winter morning.
Imperia is one of the province of Liguria region, it is the western one towards french border and it is a city created in the 1920s thanks to the union of the two neighboring cities: Oneglia and Porto Maurizio.
Still now the two neighborhoods are called with their original name by the people living there!

In Porto Maurizio, on the hill overlooking the city, there is the ancient part of the city called Parasio (Paraxio comes from the word “palace”) where until the sixth century the deputy of Genova’s duke overlooked after the territories of Western Liguria.
The main building at Parasio is undoubtedly the Cathedral which stands on the square in all its grandeur.
Compared to other buildings in the old center, the Cathedral is fairly recent, since it was built in the late nineteenth century.
The size of the facade is huge and is enhanced even more by the front steps. It overlooks the town hall built in strong fascist style.
Even the interior is striking for its size and brightness and is pleasant to walk in the aisles admiring the side chapels.

After visiting the Cathedral [which closes at H.12.00 for the lunch break] we set out to explore the old city center.
Many panels are located near the palaces and squares that worth a visit. They are guiding tourists through the “GiraParasio“, an historical and architectural tour among the small streets. 

We continued the walk among narrow streets, alleys and squares, discovering interesting views and remaining speechless in front of the breathtaking view you can enjoy overlooking the sea from the hill.

The building that most captured our attention and that we visited  more in detail was the Convento di Santa Chiara.
In this monastery still live cloistered nuns. We visited the monastery church and we walked to the entrance where there still is  the wheel of complaints, where once were placed abandoned children.
In the back of the convent there is a wonderful porch overlooking the sea.
The walk through those arches, where you can enjoy a splendid view of the Tyrrhenian Sea, is truly priceless.
And with warm weather it is very pleasant to sit on the low walls, and in the quiet of the place, laying in the sun just relaxing.

After the walk, which lasted all morning, we went to the other neighborhood: Oneglia, where we recommend a walk to the harbor.
In this area there are several restaurants and bars overlooking the sea or housed in the old port warehouses.
In both cases, the accommodations are very characteristic.

For a quick tasty and genuine snack we recommend Madamadorè Bar in Piazza Doria 16, not far from the market.
At lunch, the owners churn out pizzas and hot pies stuffed in various ways and the price is really cheap.

For a slower lunch or dinner, instead, we recommend the restaurant pizzeria Grock, via Doria 10, overlooking the quay.
Pasta with fish is usually served at the table in the same pan where it is prepared and it is really a must taste.
If you want to try it for dinner, make sure you book in advance because it is always packed!


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