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Boston and the Freedom Trail

My first trip USA on the road began in Boston.
It was the end of June and we arrived in the late afternoon from Paris. We spent the first night out of town, by the ocean, where we had booked the hotel.
Often when we visit US big cities and we rent a car, we don’t spend the night in the city center, first of all to find hotels that do not cost an arm and a leg and then to be able to move easily to the next destination.

Collecting information on tourist guides, on travel blogs and then experiencing it directly, we found that the best way to visit Boston is by following the Freedom Trail, a walking route along which to discover the history of this wonderful city more European than many others in New England.
This journey through the city is marked by a double row of red bricks that sometimes end up to round bronzes to indicate the various stages or most significant monuments.

The trail is about 6 km long and starts from the visitor center of the Boston Common and the first significant building that we encounter is the golden dome of the State House.

A brick at a time we can not miss a stop at Starbuck’s … and take a giant frappuccino.

We suggest you to stop at Quincy Market: it is a paradise for all kinds of food.
Inside this building that was originally used as a market, now there are restaurants that cook all kinds of dishes: from Thai restaurant to the Mexican one, from fast food burgers and hot dogs to Italian restaurants. In the middle of the building there is a two-story great room with tables and chairs where you can eat and enjoy your meal.

In the Quincy Market neighborhood there are also some interesting shops, including the famous Ambercrombie & Fitch … and this is when a side trip there is a must, if only to feel the music and dip in the perfume cloud wafting invariably in every store of this famous chain throughout the world.

And after the break for coffee and shopping we are ready to continue along the Trail. The next not to miss stop is the site of the Boston Massacre, where the first victims of the Independencey War fell and then “little Italy” in the area of Hanover Street where there are still restaurants and cafes with classic Italian style.

We walked along the long Charlestown Bridge to pass from the neighborhood of North End to Charlestown in order to visit the USS Constitution, the oldest armed and equipped warship in the world.
Here the guides dressed as sailors, explain you the history of the ship prior to enter in the boat.
We must admit that this walk is not light at the end of the afternoon you feel the miles in your legs, but it is only like that that you can trace the history of Boston in all its stages.

In the evening we recommend a restaurant in the elegant Newbury Street.
This street is famous for its best known brands shops and for the evening walks.
Here you will find restaurants for all tastes and all budgets and in summer it is very nice to sit outside under the lit up trees , and relax after a long day watching the young Bostonians walkong around and enjoying the atmosphere.

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