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Eating Pizza in the US?

I love the USA not only for cities and great landscapes, but also for food.
The US food is typically based on meat, in all its combinations, and when it is cooked well it really is  a treat.
What is certain is that after several days away from home, it comes the time when I feel the wish of some Italian food.
My “policy” is to avoid it as much as possible when abroad, to never give in to the temptation to enter into an Italian restaurant.
This is because I would be disappointed [and unfortunately it already happened] expecting to taste foods I am used to, but with a completely different flavour.

However in the US  once in a while I allow myself a pizza, knowing that it will never be like the beloved Neapolitan pizza, unless you have a super windfall.
I tried several types of pizza, in several restaurants and I feel to suggest you some.

Pizza Hut was the first pizza restaurants that I’ve tried, not only in the United States but abroad in general since you can find it almost everywhere. 
Pizza here is anything but similar to the one cooked in wood-fired ovens. It is more similar to the bakeries’ one or cooked fried. But I like it. Clearly I not push myself beyond the classic cheese pizza, which vaguely recalls the Pizza Margherita.
In the menu there are really improbable combos, including the one with the edge of the cheese filling that [to tell you the truth] it even scares me a bit.

Another pizza that I can recommend, if you really can not help it, is the one of Old Chicago. Again, do not expect our classic pizza, but if I make a comparison with Pizza Hut, I can say that this approaches a little more our kind of.
Although this is a chain of restaurants and in the menus you can find dishes that pretend to be Italian, but just aren’t [es. the Italian Nachos].

The Old Chicago pizza is served in two ways: the thicker served in the pan [Thick Crust] or the thinner [Thin Crust]. I tried them both and I can not say that one is better than the other; I liked them both, so now the choice is up to you!

One last tip for a very special pizza: the Chicago Style Deep-dish Pizza. It’s a specialty in Chicago and there are few pizzerias that make it really good.
I’ve tried it a couple of times and the best, in my opinion, is the one of Lou Malnati’s.
That’s a particular pizza, with little or nothing to do with the Italian one. 
Looking at it, it would seem more like a pie, but I can tell you it is really good.

The only “lack”, if we want to call it that, is the waiting time. 
It takes at least half an hour of waiting from when you order to when you get it, regardless if the pizzeria is full or not. 
It takes more time than usual to cook, but I can tell you that the wait is worth it.

Now … I would like a pizza. But a real one, neapolitan style! 🙂


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