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Zoom Torino: a bio-Park full of animals

Last summer I promised my little cousins that we would spend a day together and go the bio-park Zoom Torino. It is located about twenty kilometers from home and five kilometers from where I work, but I had never had occasion to visit it before.
With those nice and warm fall days, I reminded this nice time spent there and it came into my mind as a good option to spend a saturday and sunday with children just outside the city in a quiet and natural environment.
Zoom Torino is an immersive bio-park, not a zoo as I had always imagined. I was surprised because I was afraid of finding sad animals in their captivity, while walking through the various settings and observing the behavior of animals carefully I had to change my mind about that.
Zoom Torino, which wants to become the reference point in Italy and Europe to share knowledge of the animals and their habitats is a newly developed bio-park, away from the old and outdated idea of traditional zoo. It aims to raise awareness and protect animals, preserve and defend endangered species, support research and develop environmental issues. For this reason some animal species are not always visible except during some organized and planned walks and always under the watchful guidance of biologists working in the park and taking care to ensure that animals receive all the attention they need.
I cannot forget the fun we had and the joy I could see in the eyes of Arianna & Alice to see the hippopotamus in the big tub! Me too, I admit, I was charmed by these animals that have always been my favorite. And what about the laughter that we made when the biologist explained us the habits of these animals and that the hippos produce 80 kg of shit per day !!!
The part that most enthused us [and I talk about all three, because even myself, at the end, I came back as a “little girl”] was the walk with lemurs.
This walk is one of the scheduled and organized together with park biologists who expressly ask to not lean on walls or touch animals.
Just imagine the shock when a lemur jumped from one side of the path in which we walked to the other! We had stopped for a moment to listen to the explanation of the guide and I saw myself passing the animal a few centimeters from my face. We then noticed that lemurs have fun to shock visitors, they do so almost on purpose!
I challenge anyone in that situation, not to think of Maurice, the king of the lemurs of Madagascar. the famous cartoon!
During 2016, the bio-park Zoom launches a communication campaign “to Know to Preserve”: to draw attention to the fact that human behavior is seriously threatening the four basic natural elements: water, air, fire and earth.
The message it wants to convey, especially to the children who will be future generations and who will have to manage our planet, is to know something or someone to be able to defend it.
Located about 30 km from Turin, the Park is also easily accessible from Lombardia and Liguria with about two hours by car or by train. Inside the park there are several eateries with meals for adults and children (that often come with animal gadgets).
Inside the park there is also a beautiful swimming pool with a sandy beach, for hot summer days, where you can spend part of the visit swimming and relaxing.



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