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Milano Food Tour

How much we like Food Tours, you already know it! We like to experience them around Europe (Sofia in the east and Barcelona in the west, to name two), in the USA, Mexico and even South America.
In a fun Milanese weekend I tried to find a Food Tour to test and recommend, but alas the offers are not many and, above all, difficult to find. Since we never let ourselves be discouraged, we decided to organize our very own Food Tour, divided into two days, independently and with the help of some contacts who passed us addresses and suggestions on what to absolutely try in Milan.

Most of the tour is feasible on foot, but for longer journeys we have relied on the Metro, which is the most convenient solution to move in a big city like Milan.


Sciatt a Porter

We started with an aperitif from (A) Sciatt a Porter. I had already been to this delightful 100% Valtellina place in Via Montegrappa, next to Corso Como, when we started right here to discover the culinary specialties of Valtellina.
They offer soups and the famous bresaola, here you can taste the sciatt, buckwheat balls stuffed with bitto cheese and fried.
Don’t think of anything heavy: although there is cheese and fried food, here the Sciatt are very light and crispy. We suggest you take a takeaway cone (which also includes a delicious fresh flower as an accompaniment) and walk towards the next stop.


A few hundred meters away, in via Nino Bonnet, there is in fact the second stop of our Food Tour: (B) Pescaria.
As you can well understand from the name, this restaurant – fast food, prepares fish dishes. Pescaria was born in Puglia, in Polignano a Mare, but the restaurant in Milan reflects in all (atmosphere and cuisine) the Apulian twin.
The restaurant is always full, so be patient and queue up: it deserves and you won’t be disappointed at all!
We chose two seafood sandwiches; to tell the truth we would have liked to try the one of the week, but unfortunately our turn was already over for lunch and to try it we would have to return in the evening. Then our choice fell on a sandwich with tuna tartare and one with prawns with ice: both delicious!

The restaurant is not very big and is mostly furnished with high tables and stools; it is not one of those places where you stop to chat after eating, so eat your plate and then give way to those who are queuing after you.

Ernst Knam

For the dessert we decided to move to another area of the city. The choice fell on a very famous pastry shop especially in recent years thanks to the media fame of the owner: (C) the Knam pastry shop.

It is located in via Anfossi, in a rather anonymous area. Thinking about how famous and known Ernst Knam would have been, I would have expected a pastry shop near Piazza Duomo, and instead I was surprised not only by the area but also by the shop itself.
It is a medium-sized and rather simple pastry shop; pity that there are no tables and chairs to taste the single portions that are literally snapped up. The pastry shop is in fact very crowded at all times of the day, by regular customers or by those who, like us, allow themselves an episode to taste the delicacies of Ernst Knam and hope to meet him.
It went well for us! He was at the checkout and willingly lent himself for a souvenir photo.

Nottingham Forest

The afternoon can only end with an aperitif, right?
Here then is a place that you absolutely must not miss: (D) Nottingham Forest.
This is the pioneer place in Milan for the molecular aperitif. I appreciated a lot the various cocktails and I liked the setting very much: the place is small, but each table is organized in a different way and whether you sit in one of the comfortable sofas or on a stool at the bar you will not be able to just try ONE drink.

The barman creates new cocktails every time and the list is very long. We tried 4 of them, including Sephora – served in a miniature bathtub in which to dip a bergamot-flavored duck – and the Singing Drink – served with a portion of crackling powder that makes the drink “singing”.
Be patient because even here the queue to enter can be long; or do like us, go to the restaurant 10 minutes before opening and you will be the first to enter and enjoy a truly unusual aperitif.


The tip for dinner, just to end the day in style, is to try a Japanese-Brazilian restaurant.
We love both sushi and caipirinha, so here is the perfect combination to end a super tasty day in Milan: (E) Bomaki restaurant.
We went to Largo La Foppa, just outside the subway: very easy to reach! We suggest you always book, because the restaurant is not very big and is crowded every hour. Let’s say that we were lucky to find a table for h.22!


Pasticceria Martesana

The second day we set off to discover a multi-ethnic Milan and thanks to the suggestions of Francesca Barbieri, the famous Fraintesa of the blog I Viaggi di Fraintesa, we started our tour from the heart of the Milanese Chinatown: via Paolo Sarpi.

Our suggestion is to start with a good coffee (and maybe even something sweet) at (A) Martesana Pastry.
The one in Via Sarpi is always quite crowded, you will be lucky to find a table, but even a coffee at the counter does not mind and allows you to have a better view on the desserts to choose from.


And if, like us, you are passionate about ethnic cuisine, you cannot miss a stop at what for me is the “food paradise” or the shop that for the moment is in my top3 as a supply of food, spices and kitchen equipment : (B) Kathay.

Even if you are not “cooking sick” like me, stop by anyway. You may come up with the idea for an original gift!

QQ TEA Taiwan Bubble Tea

The next stop is perfect for an original and alternative mid-morning break. In fact, we suggest you go back to Via Sarpi for a stop from (C) QQ TEA Taiwan Bubble Tea.

Bubble Tea has become popular in recent years, especially among the youths, and as good curious people who want to try every novelty and everything different from the usual we let ourselves be tempted.
But what is Bubble Tea actually? It is a flavored tea that can be served both hot and cold to which chewy tapioca or fruit jelly balls are added (here are the bubbles!). Given the outside temperature, we opted for the version of hot milk tea. Interesting, to try at least once. Then find out if you are a fan or if, like us, you prefer other drinks.

Then continue the walk along the main street of Milanese Chinatown, between clothing stores and Asian restaurants. You really have to get lost, especially if you think of going into some shops that seem to be small from the outside but that once inside, they engulf you in the goods that fill shelves and hang clothes.

Ravioleria Sarpi

Before leaving the street, however, treat yourself to a roll on the fly. At Ravioleria Sarpi (D) you can taste vegetarian chinese rolls or those with prawns. It is not a restaurant, but a place that prepares takeaway dishes or to be eaten on the benches in the surrounding area; it is a sort of kiosk that serves customers directly on the street, but the cleanliness and order that reigns here is admirable.
With Fraintesa we had a sort of aperitif on the fly before continuing to the next stop: lunch.

Morso Burger

We walked to the area where the Pinacoteca di Brera is located because in the surroundings, exactly in via Montebello, there is a hamburger restaurant which we had heard about from some friends and we had followed on instagram and on facebook: (E) Morso Burger.
After seeing photos of somewhat inviting burgers and fries, we didn’t hesitate to include this place in our personal Food Tour.
Morso Burger is run by young and full of initiative guys who collaborate with bloggers and who enthusiastically use new technologies in a truly exemplary way.

The restaurant is small, but the marble tables, the owners’ smile and the cleanliness are an exceptional business card.
The choice of sandwiches then meets everyone’s tastes: those with meat combined with quality products – such as, for example, tropea onion, raschera cheese or DOP buffalo mozzarella from Campania – and vegetarian or fish ones, too. They are combined with greedy ingredients such as grilled Piedmont tomino cheese, pantelleria capers and Taggiasca olives. You cannot miss it!


Very satisfied, we decided to end our Milan tour in the fashion district. Via Montenapoleone is a must if you are passing through Milan and want to have a look at some of the showcases of famous designers, but also just to look around and discover the people who gravitate to this area and who enter and leave the shops (Asian tourists are not lacking never!)

We end the day with an aperitif from (E) Cova in via Montenapoleone, one of the most famous pastry shop in Milan.
The setting seems to be that of the time when great writers and artists met for a coffee; the furnishings, from a more recent era but still in the style of those originating in the first pastry shop not far from the Teatro alla Scala, give a touch of charm to the place.

What to take as an aperitif in Milan: but of course a Rhubarb Zucca!
I had wanted to taste it for a while and it won me over. An option definitely at the level of the most famous Spritz. The accompaniment of snacks is perfect and the price is appropriate to the type of venue and location of the same. A stop to be included to discover something more “historic” than the famous “Milan to drink”.

Now we await the next visit to Milan to discover new places to include in the Travel & Delights Food Tours to discover the big cities.
Which one do you suggest?

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