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Directly from Goteborg (almost…)

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This week I’m in Sweden for work.
I am often in Gothenburg and I love this city so much that often I feel the desire to live here.
What is holding me back from the move is the winter: here it is long and dark. On the other hand I love coming here in summer when days are long and the weather is mild and nice.

In these days the temperature is still stiff, I came with sweaters and boots, and I do not regret it!
Luckily there is no snow, and the sun is shining. Unfortunately with the sun there is the wind, which is the most annoying thing.
Throughout the whole year Goteborg is windy, so much so that it is always best to bring a scarf and a hat for the season.

Since I am here it seems fair to tell you something about this beautiful city, the second largest city in Sweden by extension, which houses one of the most famous Scandinavian university.

Let me start by telling you why I love Gothenburg so much.
First of all, I love this city as is so accessible and it’s easy to move around thanks to all the trams and buses that make up the public transport network so extensive. The only thing missing here is the subway, but I can assure you that nobody feel the need because with the price of a ride you can cross the city far and wide and even get on the islands of the archipelago that is located in the southern part of the town.

Then I love to multi-ethnicity that is there: many are the ethnic group that you can meet in Gothenburg and all those  live peacefully with the same rights but also the same duties. We can also find the multi-ethnicity in many restaurants in town, because here you can easily find traditional Swedish restaurants next to a variety of Asian or Italian or American restaurants.

Gothenburg is nice to visit in any season, is one of those cities where it is pleasant to stroll and look around. You will always find in a corner here and a street there, a typical place, a cafe with an inviting atmosphere when it’s cold or a park with a beautiful green grass on which to lie back and enjoy the sun during summer .
The classic hike every tourist does when in Gothenburg is on Kungsportsavenyn, or as everyone calls it, Avenyn.
This is a street where you can find several shops but also many restaurants and hotels.
Tourists usually stop here for lunch or dinner and all the restaurants offer  splendid terraces that are opened as soon as the spring peeps.
It is clear that in this season the temperature is not warm like in southern Europe, but the Swedes are equipped with  “mushroom” stoves and warm covers for every customer.

Another thing for tourists, but that allows you to meet many local people, is a visit to Nordstan, a shopping mall.
This large shopping mall is just a few hundred meters from the Central Station.
Here you can find all kinds of shops: clothing, footwear, phone and PC, equipment and furnishings for the home.
Every time I go to Gothenburg, I always make a bet on the Nordstan and I can assure you that I never leave empty-handed.
My favorite shop is Åhléns City. It sells clothing, perfumes, accessories and furniture components.

I just gave you a little taste of this city that has much more to offer and that, if you want, I’ll tell you more about.

Bästa hälsningar från Sverige! [Best wishes from Sweden! ]

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