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The Holy Shroud : from Torino to the world

Many of our foreign friends that come to Torino for the first time are attracted and interested by the Cathedral and especially by the Holy Shroud.

Being the real shroud that wrapped Jesus Christ when he was taken down from the cross or not, it’s a matter of faith that every christian feels.

For those who believe and who are interested in seeing the Holy Shroud but cannot come to Torino for the life showing if it, on the 30th of March, just before Easter, there will be an exceptional event.

On that day there will be a TV show of the Holy Shroud not a “pilgrimage” as the last exhibitions. 
The broadcast will be on air on the afternoon of the 30th of March on RaiUno, the italian public channel, and visible worldwide.
The only people allowed to the Cathedral will be a small group of sick people and their carers, and young people who have begun the Synod process.

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