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Niagara Falls, from US to Canada

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On the 7th of July, after some days spent  in Chicago, we left the Wind City heading to Niagara Falls.

We drove for about 7 hours, passing south Lake Michigan and through Detroit.
We left in the morning from Illinois and we reached the Canada borders around 2 p.m. Queue at the passport control was a bit long and when we arrived at the gate, the policeman ask us so many questions that we wondered why… But I guess this is the practice and finally we managed to pass through and we started our drive in Canada.
Driving on the canadian highway we passed some wineyard areas, pretty famous for the ice wines, and after a while we also drove on Toronto’s ring road.
When we reached Niagara Falls area, I let you imagine our relief after so many hours drive! 
As a surprise I booked a room at Crown Plaza Hotel; a room facing the falls! And when we finally enter into the room with our luggages we were stunned in front of the landscape we could see from our room window.
Lying in our bed we could see all the falls, both the Bridal Veil and the Horseshoe.
And believe me, at night, with all the lights that illuminate the falls and change colors from time to time, you cannot avoid waking up to cast a glace… just to be sure you’re not dreaming!
The next day we spent some time strolling around to watch the falls from nearer. 
There are several possibilities to “visit” the falls, from ground and from water:
  • Maid of the Mist is the most known falls tour. It’s a boat that take you almost under the falls and luckily they also provide you with a nice blue raincoat! Better to keep cameras under the raincoat when approaching to the falls, as the steam can really get you completely wet
  • Observation Tower [from the US side] is similar to half bridge bending over the falls. A big elevator takes the visitors up to the bridge where they can walk and look down to the falls from an higher perspective.
  • Skylon Tower is an other way to see the falls from upstairs. It has an observation deck, both inside and outside, at almost 230 mt, that can be reached with an elevator. The nice thing here is the revolving restaurant were you can have lunch or dinner and enjoy a 360° view.
From Google Images
  • Cave of the Wind is a breathtaking walk. People that take this walk are provided with a yellow raincoat and can go through wooden deck so near to falls that soaking up is ensured.
As an alternative, without paying any ticket, you can take a walk along the sidewalk along the river and enjoy the view without getting wet 🙂

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