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Wishing a Corvette…

We already told you that a couple of years ago we travelled to Kentucky to visit some friends and our dear friend Larry organized some exciting days to discover the nature and the manufacturing wonders in the area nearby where they live.

After visiting Mammoth Cave and discovering Kentucky nature, we dedicated an other day to discover the Kentucky manufacturing excellence: the Corvette factory and museum in Bowling Green.

Corvette is a very well known car brand in Europe too, and visiting the factory was really exciting. Sport cars are very attractive both for women and men…and I was so happy to discover how such cars were manufactured.

The first thing that impressed me when reaching the Corvette Factory was the organization. For us is not common to be allowed to visit a production area without having booked well in advanced and without being part of an organized group [school group, colleague group a.s.o.].
Here at Corvette Factory in Bowling Green there’s a dedicated entrance for visitors that are divided into groups and have to wait in a dedicated hall where they can start watching some videos concerning the creation and the history of the company.
When the visit starts, visitors are grouped and accompanied by a guide that is explaining the different production steps and showing the production stations.

It’s impressive to see the “creation” of a car: from a metal strip to a brand new car! And each and every car has its own characteristics; different color, different interior, different lights…everything is decided by the customer. 
Watching how the customization happens it’s really terrific: you won’t find two same cars one after the other on the assembly line!

After visiting the factory we went then to have a look to the museum.
There we had the opportunity to cross the brand’s history, from the beginning until the last car models.

Thinking about this great experience, I would say that we would never have had the opportunity to visit one of the top U.S. production without the support of our friend Larry. 
And I suggest you to stop in Bowling Green and experience it as well…it really worth to spend a day there!

For direction and information:

Bowling Green Corvette Assembly Factory
600 Corvette Dr. Bowling Green, KY 42101
phone (270) 745-8000

National Corvette Museum
350 Corvette Dr. Bowling Green, KY 42101
phone (270) 781-7973

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