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South Dakota Black Hills

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Black Hills National Park is located in between two states of the American Midwest: South Dakota and Wyoming.
We have only explored the eastern part and we did not venture in Wyoming, thinking to visit this state for the next “episodes” of our trip USA on the road.

The Black Hills of South Dakota are home to one of the most fascinating monuments of the United States, Mount Rushmore.

This national park is really a blessing for those who love nature and the outdoor activities. The calm and serenity that you can breathe in these places will lead to the attainment of inner peace.

Driving up to the mountain roads (which unlike those we are used to in Europe  are comfortable and with large bends) you can easily see deers grazing in the wild, many squirrels that  quickly climb on high pines, and here and there in the woods, the famous lodges (wooden houses).

The best time to visit the park is definitely from May to September. 
Although summer temperatures can reach up to 80-86 degrees Fahrenheit in the shade of pine trees and still offers a cool down.

If you enjoy camping or adventures in the woods you can not avoid to stay in the numerous sites that offer caravan and tent areas or cozy cabins equipped with all comforts. 
We would suggest one of all, tactically positioned a few miles from Mount Rushmore and Custer Stare Park: Cabins of the Black Hills.
Here you can find any kind of cabins: from the most luxurious to the more basic, each one with a functional kitchen and with a beautiful view to the mountains.

In case you want to enjoy a quick break in the nature, even while climbing up to or descending from Mount Rushmore, our suggestion is to stop at one of the many picnic areas: clean, well organized and especially equipped to the teeth.

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