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A peaceful site in Biella area : Brich di Zumaglia

There are days where you would only stay quiet and enjoy the nature. You might be looking for a place where you can stay by yourself, as far as possible from the hustle and bustle. A place where you could maybe walking and moving, or sit on a bench reading a book.

This place exists, I immediately identified it when leaving the car in the parking lot not far from Ronco Biellese, and we started to walk down a road uphill.
A road rather comfortable, not a path. A road going up, but if you take it with the right pace and with no hurry it will turn into a pleasant walk because you can admire the statues, plants, trees and the vegetation around.

Our walk, during one day in the end of spring, was accompanied by fog and drizzle, the one for which you do not need an umbrella, just a waterproof jacket and a hat, the fog that almost transports you to another world of ladies, knights, prisoners and magicians.

And coming to the top of the Brich [which in Piedmontese means height, hill] we discover the fortress: a castle dating back to 1500 owned by bishops, nobles and powerful families.

When you find excellent actors telling you the story of the castle in verse and with a deep passion, you could even abseil down to the time and situations.
When they tell you that a walled army captain lived in this prison for more than twenty years, that a ghosts still roam the rooms, that a fire was shut down with wine cellars because there was not enough water, you find yourself caught to listen and imagine the story.

Today the castle and the park of the Brich come alive especially during the month of July when the Teatrando Association stages here a theater festival and a show of considerable success. An itinerant performance where the public walk around the park to attend more or less comic and funny scenes.
Walking down after the castle visit, we met a gentleman who was happily sitting on the toilet to undertake his daily needs and to read a newspaper 🙂

The beauty of the park lies in the fact that it is a great place to do outdoor sports. In summer it is easy to meet people walking briskly with Nordic walking equipments. And then there is a gymnastic route with signs suggesting the various exercises that help to move with more pleasure.

Inside the park there is also a food place and an hostel: the Farmhouse Ale that organizes parties and events, is a restaurant and it also offers a service of bed & breakfast.

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