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Lessons Learnt from Travelling

“Travel brings back power and love to your life” 

The more I travel , the more I learn that there is so much more I need to learn. Each day my #BucketList grows and my daydreams included an unlimited bank account, unlimited flight tickets and a 200 page passport. Hi there I am Verushka Ramasami , I am a lifestyle blogger from South Africa whose blog has a focus on Travel , Food and Culture. By day , I work as a lecturer at a local college lecturing Travel and Tourism and by night or every spare minute inbetween is spent on my blog or online.

Having lived in London for several years, I had the chance to travel extensively with my only regret been not starting my blog earlier. In 2010, I returned home to South Africa and started my life her all over again. My blog was a way of sharing my world with the world. I started to discover South Africa through the eyes of a tourist.
I have my parents to thank for passing on the #TravelBug rather early on in my life causing a severe case of wanderlust. Both my parents have travelled fairly extensively and as young kids My travels have taken me to some pretty amazing places locally and internationally and all of my travels have taught me some life lessons along the way:
Priorities change – these days all I think about is saving , working hard and planning travel. Trips to the mall and spending money do not interest me.
Collect memories not things – Travel has taught me that I do not need to buy things to hoard ans collect but rather collect precious memories.
Life is all about experiences – everytime I go out I want to discover new experiences and not do the same old things over and over.
Travel light through life – through my travels I have learnt to travel light figuratively and literally. Getting rid of excess baggage and things and situations that hold you back.
Education – When we travel we learn not only about ourselves but we get to experience a whole new world one so different from our own.
Appreciate where we come from – the only way to learn about your home country is to leave it and then come back and see it through new eyes.
The value of relationships – you learn to appreciate those who support your dreams. And most of the time your cheerleaders are people who you have never met a thousand miles away. As your circle becomes smaller it becomes stronger.
The power of Social Media – never in a million years would I have thought how much of an impact social media would make and be apart of my life. I have discovered so many amazing bloggers online and their blogs allow me to travel with them. On my travels I have met some amazing people and social media helps me keep in touch with them.
Everyone has a story – and sometimes we need to stop talking and listen so that we can learn.
Be a kind human – everyone we meet is fighting a battle so a kind word , a smile is sometimes all you need to do.
When I travel I …
  • Take a million pictures.
  • Love trying out local food.
  • Buy a magnet.
  • Want to experience life as a local.
  • Explore the not so popular spots.
  • Love making friends with locals.
  • Save a coin from local currency.
  • Read up on my destination loads.
  • I always create a new hashtag ie #SpicegoddessInAbuDhabi #SpicegoddessInKerala.
  • Bring home a local magazine or newspaper.

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Hello everyone πŸ™‚

I am Verushka from South Africa. By day I am a Travel and Tourism Lecturer and by night a Lifestyle Blogger. My blog focuses on food, travel and culture. I love sharing my world with the world.
Bitten by the Travel Bug at a young age my wanderlust desire has increased over the years. I prefer slow travel and enjoy company when I travel. I believe it is important to travel locally before seeing the rest of the world.

I have travelled to 19 counteries and still got a very long #BucketList to go through.


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