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Gothenburg and his green world

In Sweden nature is a serious matter. The country is mainly covered by woods and forests, lakes and green areas, and the population density is really negligible: about 22 inhabitants per square km. There also are big cities, like Gothenburg, for example, that after Stockholm is the second largest by …
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Warwick castle and the sandwich legend

In the heart of England, we visited the majestic and impressive Warwick Castle. The castle is surrounded by a huge green area: beautiful floral gardens and green fields populated by numerous peacocks that do not hold back at all and offer beautiful dances to visitors. In a corner of the …
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Where to sleep in Taormina?

I’ve been a couple of times to Taormina; it’s an amazing town, with lot of nice spots to visit and enjoy, with very good food and with pretty well known lifestyle. Thinking to Taormina very often we think about actors and actresses, fancy and smart parties or nightlife and, of …