Usa on the road

USA on the road: shopping at the Outlets

During my  travels on the road in the United States what I do not ever miss is shopping.
And only and strictly in the Outlet, with a capital O.

American outlets, for those who do not know them, have very little to do with european and italian ones. 
Without taking anything away from our own, those Americans are really making you enjoying shopping.

You can find them everywhere, even
and especially in the countryside, outside big cities.
In this respect, there are organized tours that leave from the main cities (eg, Chicago, NY,
Boston) for a day, which provide transport from the city center to the outlet and return by bus.
If you are in one of these cities without a car, rely on those organized tours. Tested and approved! :
Woodbury Common Premium Outlets in New York
Wrentham Village Outlet in Boston
Chicago Premium Outlets Aurora in Chicago
I said, I am the hounds of outlets and during my holidays in USA on the road as
soon as I see the display of an outlet , even in the most remote countryside , I do not
miss a stop .They
are usually quite large , the smallest so far visited had about fifty
there are shops and other less -known brands , the most interesting shops and
stores more attractive, but we can assure you that will never get out
usually we prefer the American brand stores : Ralph Lauren , Tommy Hilfiger ,
Calvin Klein, Levi’s to mention some. 
I try to avoid those of European brands that, even if the euro-dollar exchange is
favorable, don’t have prices much lower than those you would find in
of the products that are very favorable , compared to our standards , are
sunglasses and jeans . Nothing
comparable than the variety , choice and prices that we can find in
A special
mention must be made ​​with regard to taxes. 
every U.S. state , taxes on clothing and accessories vary . For this reason I recommend to pay attention to where you ​​purchase clothes .
one more attention: Remember that prices shown on
the labels are without taxes!

Relaxing @Starbucks between one shop and the other (Chicago Premium Outlet)

States that have lower tax or no tax on clothing are : Alaska ,
Delaware , Minnesota , Montana, New Hampshire , New Jersey, Oregon ,
Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont. 
the State of New York and Massachusetts , however, the taxes are applied only to
purchases over $ 175 and $ 110 respectively.

you are interested in making a trip to the U.S. for ” hit and run” shopping my advice is to get to Boston (which is also the shortest route from Europe to the
U.S.), rent a car and head north. Just
past the border with Maine you will find the land of plenty : Kittery .This
town is completely made ​​up of outlet shops and many American and European
tourists flock there every weekend to enjoy buying.

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