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Miravalle Wellness Hotel: a wooden shell in Trentino

We arrived in Coredo on a friday evening in early autumn.
It is a beautiful evening and after a walk in Trento city center we clamber up towards Val di Non onboard Vero & Leo’s super car.
The Miravalle Wellness Hotel, where we will be staying all weekend, is all lit up.

We entered in Nardi’s, the restaurant/pizzeria which is located below the Miravalle Residence and I fall silent. All that wood, that warmth and that atmophere typical of the Italian region of Trentino; it all sourrounds me.
Here I am, back in Trentino and I feel part of a family; after three times in the area in the same year, I have had the opportunity to discover this region about which I knew so little.
The impression is that there is almost a mermaid chant from tis land… every time I am asked to participate in an event I can’t seem to say no!

The restaurant, at dinnertime Friday, is in full swing.
A man approaches from the bar: is Thomas and he greets us with an energic hand shake and welcome.
Shortly after, Giulia arrives as well and she immediately wins me over with her smile and her resemblance to… well, you tell me! I have already expressed my opinion (which happens to be shared by other bloggers). Now, let’s see if you are able to tell me who she looks like from the photographs…

Thomas and Giulia, partners in both life and work, are two extremely dynamic people.
They are present during the entire tour and this is a constant which accompanies them during all their days at Miravalle.
Each client is greeted by the enthusiasm of the Rizzardi family.

The jam, fruit juices and other breakfast food are prepared by Paola, the mother; Renato, the father, is always active and pleasantly chatting with the guests and children. Ingrid and Thomas toghether with Giulia manage the family business: the wellness center, the hotel, the residence, the restaurant… and they are still always ready to accompany clients on a visit, give valuable advice on how to spend the day or simply (never in a way that can be taken for granted) enjoy a beer at the end of the day telling anecdotes and jokes.

The Miravalle Hotel and Residence is a “warm and welcoming wooden shell”.
This is the first thought which came to my mind walking into my room on Friday evening.
Calling it a room is quite reductive. I was staying at the Residence and in addition to my room, I had a small kitchen, a small living area and a magnificent terrace with a view of the Val di Non.
I had the same feeling in Ristorante Nardi’s during dinner, at the Blue Island Club wellness center and the hotel’s restaurant at breakfast.

It is a known fact that wood is widely used here around, but I admit that I had never seen so much of the furnishing of one structure and the sense of warmth and lightness I felt is not easily describable…basically, you really should see for yourselves.

I have mentioned a wellness center; well, it alone deserves much more than a simple mention.
Thomas is proud to speak about it. He explains that it was inaugurated in 2001 (but the upkeep is so flawless it seems brand new) and it is accessible to both the guests of the Hotel and Residence, as well as walk-in clients.

I have often used wellness centers in hotels in the mountains, perhaps after a skiing day or after a walk around the town, but they were always structures of modest dimensions.
The Bue Island Club resembles a structure in itself, which has a “life of its own”.
The indoor pool (which during the winter also offers aquatic and aquagym lessons) is large enough to swim a few laps; the sauna, the turkish bath and the bio-sauna (a sauna with higher humidity) are comfortably spacious and organized so that one can carry out an actual course.

The center’s gem though is, in my opinion, the outdoor Jacuzzi which is open all year long and offers the possibility of enjoying a relaxing break either with the splendid sun of the summer or surrounded by the snow in the winter.

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