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Semla day

Some days ago was Fat Tuesday, the last day of Carnival, and even here in Sweden there are special traditions for that day. That day is the day that you eat the Semlor. Even if I came to Sweden for work several times, I never had the opportunity to taste those bunns; this is because usually …
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Goteborg Christmas Market

In all the cities of northern Europe in December the Christmas markets are a tradition. Since some years here in Italy the tradition is catching on. When I was a kid I remember that there was talk of only those in South Tyrol and Trentino …. now there are everywhere …
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Exploring Piemonte: a walk in Saluzzo

In order to discover Piemonte, we suggest you a walk in the province of Cuneo, in a small town that lies at the foot of the Alps, a few miles from the French border, and that was the independent capital of a marquis in the beginning of the 1100’s for four centuries : Marquis …
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Where to eat in… Saluzzo

One late September Sunday, we decided to go out for lunch. And roaming on where to go I found a very nice place not far from home, in Saluzzo: Terra Gemella (Twin Earth). The restaurant is located in a small square behind the new Town Hall, at the foot of the medieval village.  It’s located in a square with …